Law and Legal Studies

Those wishing to be involved in the law and justice system will benefit greatly from law and legal studies. Career opportunities may range from positions as lawyers, paralegals, policy-makers, human rights advocates, and nonprofit leaders, as well as numerous positions as part of the government.

Required education for these positions will range greatly, from graduate law schools for potential lawyers, to shorter programs for paralegals. Graduate programs may be required for certain jobs in government, while many entry-level programs in the field can offer opportunities for advancement.

Individuals working in law and legal studies will be part of an industry that aims to uphold the foundations of law, contributing to creating a stronger society.

Law & Legal Study Degrees

Court Reporting, Crime Scene Investigation, Criminal Justice, Criminology, Fire Science, Forensic Science, Forensics, Homeland Security, Law, Law Enforcement, Legal, Legal Assistant, Legal Studies, Paralegal, Police, Private Investigator

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