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Cell Biology Careers and Information

What is Cell Biology

Cell Biology is the study which explorers how cells act both in isolation and as part of complex tissues on a molecular and microscopic level.

Qualifications in Cell Biology

Cell biology is a stream within a science degree; this stream is designed to provide a comprehensive training in modern cell and molecular biology with opportunities to explore other elements of science as student’s discretion.

Students will learn about the
  • complex interrelations of cells
  • cell anatomy
  • membrane function
  • organelles

  • Some areas of study students may come across within their science degree stream into cell biology include:
  • Chemistry
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Genes to Organisms
  • Cell Signalling and Regulation
  • Areas you can work in Cell Biology

    Working in Cell biology correlates to the science degree stream with students able to apply knowledge gained within their studies to:

  • Assisting in discovering the causes of certain diseases
  • improve agricultural crops
  • develop new forms of drugs and vaccines
  • and improve the environment

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