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What is Botany

Botany is a branch of the science Biology, it focuses on the study of plants, including their functions of their parts, their places of growth, their classification, and reproduction.

Profile of a Botany Organization

The Botanical Society of America (BSA) is a "not-for-profit" membership society that exists to promote botany. The Society provides relevant education on plants; encourage basic plant research; provide expertise, direction, and position statements concerning plants and ecosystems; and foster communication within the professional botanical community, and between botanists and the rest of humankind through publications, meetings, and committees.

The Botanical Society of America encompasses all areas of plant biology, including development, physiology, reproductive biology, evolution, phycology, genetics, mycology, ecology, systematics, molecular biology, and paleobotany.

The botanical profession and its important role in science today is dependent on support and all specialists are strongly encouraged to join and become active in the Botanical Society of America.

More information available at:
Botany Society of America

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