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Ecology Jobs and Information

What is Ecology about?

The field of ecology can be considered to be about the environment, the ecosystem and the relationship with living organisms.

Qualifications in Ecology

Degree qualifications for the field of ecology are dependant on the institution and are usually formed from a stream taken in a Bachelor of Science degree, however some they will be relatively similar to an environmental science degree. With a science degree in ecology students will learn a variety skills ranging from:

  • How molecular techniques apply to ecological questions and environmental issues
  • Monitoring environmental and pollution levels testing toxicity
  • management of animal and plant populations for pest control purposes
  • conservation of biodiversity
  • impact assessment and nature conservation and management
  • :

    Students MAY also cover pollution ecology as well as conservation biology with addressing topics such as the prediction of likely future landscapes in a variety of climate change scenarios through examining past environments. Ecology students may learn laboratory techniques relevant to other biology fields including:

  • biochemistry
  • genetics
  • pathology
  • Areas you can work in Ecology

    Students with a ecology degree can work in a variety of areas including areas that are not necessarily within the environment, but rather within science in general because of the plethora of skills learnt with the degree. Although ecological funding may be dependant on fluctuating economy, environmental issues are now are major concern in many western countries around the world with environmental impact studies becoming a regular part of urban planning. Examples of where ecologists may find employment include:

  • Forestry
  • State and local government
  • Regulatory authorities such as the EPA
  • Agricultural industries