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Microbiology Departments

Provides links to various microbiological departments and organizations as such.

Profile of a Biology Organisation : The Biology Project is an award-winning interactive online resource for learning biology. It was created at The University of Arizona for biology students at the college level, but is also useful for medical students, physicians, science writers, high school students, and all types of interested people.
The Biology Project takes full advantage of the interactivity of the Web to give students direct control of their learning. The non-linear presentation, requiring the active participation of the users, is designed to help maintain student attention, promote learning interest, and enhance the retention of the learned materials. The project is based on problem sets with tutorials, case studies, and laboratory simulations. All are richly illustrated and tested by thousands of students.

More Information is available from their web site at The Biology Project

  • American Society for Microbiology

  • Canadian Society of Microbiologists

  • Society for General Microbiology