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Zoology Degrees

Since the advent of science in human civilisation, zoology has been the pallbearer, be it the domestication of the ox or creating clothes out of calves. Man has intricately studied his environment, to learn more about himself and to employ these resources for progress and prosperity. Zoology can be simply defined as the scientific study of animals, be it mammals, reptiles or anyone. It is one of the two biological science which is centered on organism-based studies, the other being botany.

The primary aim of zoology is to understand how organisms survive and thrive in the environmental set-up. It is also concerned with the evolutionary patterns of live organisms through the ages. Right from a microscopic unicellular algae to the blue whale, zoological researchers dig deep into the crust or the oceans to decipher patterns and predict the evolution. Students focusing on botanical or zoological studies typically receive training in cell biology, anatomy, physiology, embryology, genetics, conservation science, ethnology, ecology, and evolution. This background can be used as a springboard to further training in medicine or graduate education.

Degree studies in zoology can follow any of the following four tracks:

1. Conservation and Biodiversity
2. Cell and Molecular Biology
3. Pre-Veterinarian
4. Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour

While the first track can be chosen by a student look for short-term education culminating into a job, the rest three are intricate education branches, which offer a range of specialisation options. Currently across the world, cell and molecular biology is the numero uno choice in lieu with the immense threats posed by viruses and bacteria.

Thus, one needs to examine one's interest and requirements to chose the best-suited degrees. A career based on zoology may not be as well paying as a Business Administration degree would offer, but it offers immense challenges and opportunities for a highly satisfying job.