Chemical Engineering Information

Provides chemical engineering information on related scientific theory and engineering concepts. Also includes related references to chemical engineering web sites.

What is Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering applies both the principles from chemistry and engineering. Chemical engineers use the concepts from the scientific principles of chemistry and some engineering concepts including limited resources, safety issues and cost factors. This knowledge also overlaps many other fields including, physics, mathematics, and mechanical and electrical engineering. Chemical engineers design equipment and develop processes for chemical manufacturing. They also work on a variety of projects in healthcare, biotechnology, and business services industries.

Chemical Engineering Jobs

Chemical engineering jobs can work in between scientists and engineers, bridging the gap to help scientists and engineers accomplish their set goals.

Project Engineer – Chemical
  • Project Engineer will work on related projects for the organization including for Chemical facilities or manufacturing

  • Manufacturing Manager
  • This position would probably report to the Plant Manager. The manufacturing manager will support the Production Team and ensure adherence to safe practices, Teamwork, Continuous Process Improvements and Cost-Reduction. Will also monitor and troubleshoot the processes and equipment

  • Manufacturing Engineer – Plastics
  • Manufacturing engineers duties will usually include troubleshooting manufacturing problems, equipment modifications, upgrades, day-to-day problems as well as long-term improvement

  • Chemical Engineering Organizations

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

  • Institution of Chemical Engineers

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