Computer Engineering Jobs

This area provides information about computer engineering jobs including qualifications and specializations within the field.

What is Computer Engineering about

Computer engineering is the designing and testing of computer components. The activities of those in computer engineering careers engage in activities that advance technology and provide new concepts. They then put those new concepts into physical form.

What is a Computer Engineer?

Computer engineers work with computer hardware and software. They solve technical problems, develop new products from initial idea conception through completion, and install computer systems. To do their job well, they rely on a broad mathematical and scientific knowledge base, as well as an ability to communicate complex ideas to clients and colleagues. Some computer engineers work solely with hardware or software.

What qualifications do Computer Engineers need?

Computer engineers need to have a degree in electrical or mechanical engineering with a strong emphasis on computer science. In addition, study should include coursework in mathematics, statistics, communications, and management. Strong people skills, organizational skills, and analytical ability will contribute to success in this profession. A graduate degree in an area of specialization or in business management will provide opportunities for advancement within most companies.

What types of tasks are involved with Computer Engineering?

Taking into account deadlines, budgets, and specialized needs, a computer engineer designs and helps produce the final hardware or software product. The engineer is often the person responsible for training clients on equipment they have designed. Hardware engineers provide computer hardware diagnosis, repair, configuration, and installation of computer hardware. Software engineers create or modify computer programs by converting project requirements into code that translates into software that matches client specifications and expectations. All computer engineers may do any or all of the following tasks:

  • Analyze information to determine client needs
  • Conduct training and presentations
  • Collaborate with clients, project managers, and team members to organize and plan projects
  • Determine if the project will meet the desired budget
  • Research, develop, integrate, and distribute security tools and associated documentation.
  • Design systems
  • Develop and direct testing procedures
  • Provide technical support
  • Coordinate installation of computer hardware or software
  • Document and evaluate project progress
  • Manage assigned accounts
  • Specify project requirements
  • Provide analysis and recommendations for overall system architecture
  • Maintain equipment
  • Are there any areas of specialization?

    Beyond specializing in either harder or software, a computer engineer can choose a specialty. Some of the specialties are:

  • Systems
  • Forensics
  • Processes
  • Computer Validation
  • Networking
  • Emergency response
  • Game Systems
  • Education and training
  • Technical Applications
  • Customer service
  • Telecommunications

  • Computer engineers can also find opportunities in research and academics. Potential areas of focus are communications, wireless networks, optics, and simulation technology.

    Who employs Computer Engineers?

    Computer engineers are employed in every industry. Whether it is for programming, installation of a new system, or highly specialized software – computer engineers are utilized in the healthcare industry, transportation, academics, financial institutions, and service oriented businesses. Examples of companies that have computer engineers on staff include: Verizon Wireless, Citicorp, and Southwest airlines.