Electrical Engineering Degrees

Electrical engineering involves the application of mathematical calculations and engineering principles for the assessment of the working condition of electrical components and their management. Unlike many other engineering streams, electrical engineering requires a high level of specialization, which necessitates at least a bachelor’s degree in the field.

Subjects in Electrical Engineering:

Fundamentals of Electricity
Electrical /Electronic Measurement and Instruments.
Electronic Instrumentation and Controls.
Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits.

Fields of Specialization in Electrical Engineering:

  • Electrical Energy.
  • Systems Electronics. .
  • Systems and Control. .
  • Photovoltaics. .

  • Work of an Electrical Engineer:

  • Assessing the maximum current demand of a new high rise block.
  • Calculating harmonics within switch mode power supplies. .
  • Designing and calculating a prospective electrical installation, generally through the use of software like AutoCAD etc. .
  • Working out the costing and schedule delivery dates for equipment. .
  • Accommodating changes in the designs of equipment as requested by the clients and other contractors. .
  • Generally Electrical Engineers work on behalf of a contracting companies, which defines them more as a professional than an employee. .
  • Job-areas in Electrical engineering: .

  • Building and construction Industry. .
  • Public works Sector. .
  • Military. .
  • .
  • Design houses. .

  • Like all the other engineering fields, Electrical engineering too has a very wide scope in terms of industry application and employment opportunities. Electricity is indispensable to the development of a society, therefore it demands a lot of research work to improve the tools and components, which help conserve it and are instrumental in translating it into a force of industrial and social development. Summing up in simple terms, the wide use of electricity and electrical gadgets in the society make Electrical engineering a very lucrative career.