Engineering overlap with other professions

While engineers perform an important role in the design and feasibility process, so do many other professions. The overlapping nature of these professions can cause problems and tensions in responsibility for certain aspects of a project. Sometimes which profession has authority over design can be quite difficult, because in some law provisions in certain states who is responsible can be vary or be vague. Some of these professions that overlap with engineering include:

Overlapping conflicts occur with Surveyors because of subdivision layout/design and drainage design done by surveyors as well as the boundary from surveys performed by engineers. Existing laws are also another source of conflict.

Overlapping conflicts occur with Geologists groundwater, solid waste facility design as well geological studies vs civil engineering studies.

Overlapping conflicts occur with Landscape Architects occur over drainage and design for connections with roads and other structures.

Overlapping conflicts occur with Interior Designers because it is believed that interior designers do not have the necessary structural engineering knowledge of load-bearing walls and safety factors involved.

Overlapping conflicts occur with Architects because engineers or architects can design buildings and to confuse things further under some state laws, engineers have the prime right to design structures, however they are limited because of vagueness of laws.