Medical Science

Medical science is where the study of biology intersects with the study of human health and disease. Specific fields include pharmacology, neuroscience, genetics, molecular and structural biology, biophysics, and physiology, among countless others. Students attracted to these programs harbor strong skill and interest in the sciences, and often partake in research studies.

Positions in medical science will vary in degree requirements. Physicians, nurses, and health care professionals who are involved with direct patient contact will generally need extensive education and training. Many roles in research and medical development will also require graduate-level education. Additionally, there are many shorter programs available for technicians, assistants, and other health care personnel.

Medical Science Degrees

Chiropractic, Clinical Research, Dental, Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist, Gerontology, Laboratory, Medical, Medical Assistant, Medical Billing, Medical Billing And Coding, Medical Coding, Medical Imaging, Medical Technologist, Medical Transcription, Optician, Paramedic, Pathology, Pharmacy, Pharmacy Technician, Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Assistant, Physician Assistant, Radiology, Radiology Technician, Sonography, Surgical Technologist, Ultrasound, Ultrasound Technician, Veterinary, Veterinary Assistant, Veterinary Technician, X Ray Technician

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