Dentist Jobs

Provides information on dentist jobs with a description of each job.

As a qualified dentist, one has multiple career options to choose from. Qualified dentist can start their own practice by opening their own clinic or they can practice out of multi-care medical establishments. They can be employed as junior staffs aiding the senior doctors at dental hospitals and multi care medical clinics.

Apart from various clinical job opportunities, one can also opt for careers in administrative functions of dental care management.

Some of the functions that one can opt for making a career in Dentistry:

  • Dentist

  • As a dentist one can do active practice out of hospitals or through private clinics. One needs minimum 2-3 years of experience as assistant to senior dentists before starting their own practice.

  • Dental Assistant

  • This is the entry-level position that most dental care graduates get into as their first job. The job prepares a foundation for a career in dental care as one learns all the ropes here as a trainee assistant. On the job training helps the candidate prepare for challenges that would lie in his career ahead.

  • Lab Manager

  • Job function involves maintaining and managing a dentist’s lab. Responsibilities include ensuring all the equipment and supplies are in place. Lab Manger is solely responsible for maintaining a working lab at all times that will help the dentist do their job smoothly. Those with an aptitude for career in clinical medicine can pursue this.

  • Dental Care Researchers

  • Manufacturers of dental care medicine and equipment need knowledgeable and qualified dental care graduates as researchers. To start you career with this function one needs to have at least 3-4 years of experience in the related field. The job involves mainly identifying and setting benchmarks in area of dental care.

  • Cosmetic Dental Consultant

  • Increasingly dental specialists are sought after in the fashion and entertainment industries by models and actors to consult them on different areas of dental care and treatment pertaining to cosmetic aspects. One needs to specialize in this area of dentistry to start a career, as this is a highly specialized and niche area.