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Biochemistry Software

Contains general overview on different biochemistry packages.


BioKin provides custom software and consulting services for the analysis of chemical, biochemical, and biological data. Emphasis is based on the analysis of reaction kinetics and multiple equilibria.

Premier Biosoft

Premier Biosoft provide software to accelerate molecular biology research, including Xpression Primer 1.1, Array Designer 2, Beacon Designer 2.1, Primer Premier 5, Protein Networker, SimVector 2, and NetPrimer.

Protein Dynamics

Protein Dynamics programs affect the dynamic behavior of proteins, DNA, and RNA, using the AMBER force field. They allow the user to view molecules, create and modify molecules, and dynamics simulations.

OLIGO Primer Analysis Software

OLIGO Primer Analysis Software performs different functions for researchers in PCR and related technologies, consensus, multiplex and degenerate primers, oligonucleotide database, and secondary structure.