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Analytical Chemistry Introduction & Journals

This Analytical Chemistry Introduction page provides resources and links on the Analytical field of Chemistry. Analytical Chemistry plays an important role in chemistry as well as in many other sciences.

This is best described by Joshua Lederberg (1958 Nobel Laureate, Medicine, 1989 Medal of Science): "The news of science usually concerns what results a scientist has achieved, not how he or she has found them. All too often, the role of instrumentation - from the tedious steps in design, to commercial production, to routine maintenance - is taken for granted. Yet scientific progress continues to depend on the invention and refinement of tools and techniques."

Profile of an Organization - NIST Standard Reference Data

For 30 years, NIST has provided well-documented numeric data to scientists and engineers for use in technical problem-solving, research, and development. These recommended values are based on data which have been extracted from the world's literature, assessed for reliability, and then evaluated to select the preferred values. These data activities are conducted by scientists at NIST and in university data centers.

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