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Chemistry Jobs

This section provides information on chemistry jobs and associated positions available for chemists. The information in this section is sourced for multiple universities around the world and department of labor statistics.

What is a Chemist

A chemist is a scientist who specializes in the field of chemistry. To be a chemist would essentially require basic education in chemistry through studying a Bachelor of Science degree at university. In chemistry there are multiple areas of specialization as the science is very broad, these include but are not limited to:

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • What do chemists do?

    A chemist generally can be involved in developing new products, quality testing using qualitative and quantitative chemical analyses, conduct research through experiments and even teaching. Some chemists may:

  • Create products such as drugs and that can be produced profitably and can be patented.
  • Use laboratory and computer controlled equipment using their experience from university and industry expertise in setting up, standardizing and using scientific instruments.
  • Observe and analyze reactions from their experiments and document reactions, changes, as some quality testing jobs require standards of products that need to be met
  • How much does a chemist get paid ?

    Like most other fields it depends on the type of position, the level of experience required, level of education qualifications required and geographical location as some companies will pay more if it is in a rural location.  Salaries will range from entry level positions such as a laboratory technician top Ph.D research manager. Using employment statistics with using the USA as a sample,  mean wage estimates for this occupation is said to $58,460

    Wage estimates variances Bottom 10%-25%  50%
    Annual Wage (2) $31,220 - $39,910 $53,650 $72,790-$93,100

    It is plain to see while an industry may provide a high level of employment, it contrasts with high paying industries.

    Highest level of Employment Annual mean wage

    Top paying Industries

    Annual mean wage
    Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing $59,060 Oil and gas extraction $91,450
    Scientific research and development services $63,830 Electronic markets and agents and brokers $85,200
    Architectural and engineering services $44,760 Federal government (OES designation) $77,650
    Federal government (OES designation) $77,650 Computer systems design and related services $72,130
    Basic chemical manufacturing $60,460 Management of companies and enterprises $70,190


    Types of Chemistry Jobs

    There are many types of jobs available within the field of chemistry, but it is common that about half of all chemists work in research, and large proportion of graduates with chemistry degrees work as analytical chemists. But many options are open including role as::

    Examples of industries of employment for chemist graduates

    Chemistry graduates can be employed in a vast number of areas. The following listing of areas is not intended to be exhaustive, but does demonstrate a variety of areas where Chemists are actively employed. Depending on your qualifications, knowledge and abilities, you will have the potential to be employed in possibly a research-based, testing, technical or managerial-type of position.

    Employing Chemistry Companies

    As seen above there is a large number of companies that hire chemistry graduates, however keep in mind these companies may hire specific chemistry specialists such as physical, analytical or organic chemists. Globally some of the biggest known chemistry employing companies includes:

    Pfizer  Pfizer recruits talented synthetic organic chemists for a variety of challenging full-time positions in our three world-class pharmaceutical research and development sites

    Proctor and Gamble A world leader in research and development  and a producer of products in nearly 50 categories—from toothpaste to bone disease therapies. So employees from analytical to organic

    Shell, An energy and petrochemical organization especially in the analytical field , help to ensure the Group complies with international legislative requirements, for example, low sulphur levels in fuels

    3M Pharmaceuticals, division of 3M, develops, manufactures and sells branded prescription drug products related to dermatology, women's health, sexual health, cardiology, and respiratory medicine