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Organic Reactions

Organic Reactions provides the organic synthesis of some general reactions important in the chemical organic field of study. For a complete list of Organic Chemistry reactions refer to

Aldol Addition

The aldol addition makes (on the basis of Ketone and Aldehydes) the synthesis of b-Hydroxy-derivatives possible. The reaction takes place under Acid or Base catalysis.

Aldol-Addition 1Aldol-Addition 2

Benzo Condensation

Cyanide works in the Benzo-Condensation only catalytically.


Grignard Reactions

The Grignard reaction was originally understood as addition about Organomagnesium Halides at Carbonyl connections, in order to manufacture alcohols.


McMurry Reaction

The McMurry reaction is an electron reduction reaction, which leads to the oxidizing of alkenes.


Strecker Synthesis

Aminonitrile can be manufactured through the Strecker Synthesis, which can be hydrolyzed to the amino acids.