College Scholarships Online

Scholarships are monies provided to students, who are furthering their education. Scholarships are monies given to student based on grades, performance, activities, or background, parents, grandparents, affiliations, or a variety of combined requirements. Every scholarship is ‘set up’ as a fund, to provide a student, or group of student, the monies available or needed to further their education, this could possibly be paying for their tuition, books, or room and board. Scholarships are available for particular schools, for particular majors, for particular groups of people, and for students located in certain areas of the country, state or world. Some scholarships are open to all students, while others will be very limited in who can apply and be awarded that particular scholarship.

Scholarships by employers

First, look to prospective employer, university, club or associations in your field. You should start your scholarship search early in the fall, as many will have December and January deadlines, for the next school year (August) terms. Large employers such as unions, teachers associations, and similar type of large employers will have some type of scholarship set up for employees or for dependents of those employees. You can also find scholarships locally through major businesses and community support groups. Wal mart, Kmart, Sears, and similar type of large retailers will often offer scholarships to students in the local communities. Inquire the corporate offices, and with customer service desks in the large retail, centers to find out more information if the retailers near you have any scholarship applications available. Some scholarships are available by participating in a sport or activity and through the college or university of your choice. For example, if you are in chorus in high school, a scholarship may be available for a student entering the college who will participate in chorus in college as well.

Types of scholarships

Some types of scholarships include: • Undergraduate Scholarships. • Advanced Undergraduate Scholarships. • Graduate Scholarships. • Technical/Vocational Scholarships

Where to find scholarships

Scholarships can be found online in many areas. First, you want to use your favorite search engine. First, you should type in the name of your school, scholarship, and application – to find information about scholarships that are available for your college, or university that you may not have known about previously. If you do find an outdated scholarship, look for the contact information on the scholarship. Often times, you will find that the same scholarship is available year after year, so you will want to apply for that scholarship at another date. Check with the school counselor (at the high school or the financial aid office at the college) to inquire about additional scholarship resources that you can use free, without having to purchase an expensive book. You can photo copy the pages that pertain to your interests and needs, and leave the book for other students who may need the same resources as you. Your search of online scholarships and applications for scholarships will take you through many pages. A few of the links to the online scholarships research sites, which are going to interest you the most are: