English Speaking universities listed A to Z

Importance of universities

The University of Al-Azhar, founded in Cairo in 970 , is one of the worlds oldest universities..

Universities aspire to be the pinnacle institution of modern ideas, without these institutions today, rapid progress in the 21st century would not have been possible. Initially these institutions provided only general knowledge but as time progressed there was a need for specialisation. This formulated new specialist colleges and departments, sowing the seeds for future higher education institutions.

University Listings of countries

On the left of this website provides an A to Z listing of universities who speak majority english.

University areas of study

Undergraduate Degrees include the following:

  • Engineering, Physics and Mathematical courses
  • Humanities and Social Science degrees
  • Molecular and Life Science degrees
  • Business degrees
  • Health Science degrees
  • Dental and Medical degree
  • Law degrees
  • Postgraduate Degrees include the following:

  • Masters
  • postgraduate certificates
  • Doctorate
  • Why get a college education ?

    In the United States it is approximated that a non graduate of a college degree will earn an average of 10,000 a year while the graduate is likely to receive 30,000-40,000